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Established in 1998, Nature’s Estates Homeowners Association is a fifty-five plus community consisting of nine single family units on Southwest Third Avenue as well as a fourplex and duplex unit located on a private cul-de-sac that is accessible from the avenue.

The Third Avenue homes are two-bedroom single floor units with approximately 1600 square feet of living space. The homes on the private road are two level homes with nearly all of them having three bedrooms and approximately 2500 square feet of space. Each home or unit has either a deck or patio in the back of the home with a view of the common wooded areas.

Currently, Nature’s Estates provides amenities such as lawn mowing, lawn services (weed/feed), snow removal, and property/common area ground maintenance. The Association also covers the home property insurance (homeowners must provide their own coverage for personal contents coverage and interior walls (HO6).


Nature’s Estates is governed by a board of directors elected by homeowners within the Association. The board of directors meet quarterly and holds an annual meeting once a year.  

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