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Commonly Asked Questions about Nature’s Estates

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What exactly is a fifty-five plus community?

As stated in our declarations, at least one person occupying a unit shall be at least 55 years of age, hold legal title to the unit, and occupy the unit as his or her personal residence.  A signed statement attesting the age of the owner/occupant along with proof of age will be required at closing.


Besides being a fifty-five plus community, Nature’s Estates is also an association. What does that mean? 

In its Articles of Incorporation and filings with the State of Minnesota, Nature’s Estates Homeowner’s Association is a common interest community (CIC). In the case of Nature’s Estates, it is also known as common-interest developments (CID) comprised of individually owned units, in addition to its common areas. Like most CIC types of communities, Nature’s Estates is governed by and made up of the individual unit owners through an elected board. As a homeowner’s association, an HOA makes decisions about monthly dues, maintenance priorities, exterior appearance of units, yard maintenance, and other considerations affecting the community.


There are annual association fees. What amenities are currently provided?

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The Association bills residents quarterly for services such as ground maintenance and hazard insurance. Future reserve funds are collected and are set aside for exterior home repairs and replacement. The dues are subject to change each year based on a projected budget of estimated costs. The declarations of the Association dictate what expenses will be the responsibility of the Association.   


What are the top reasons Nature’s Estates would be a great place to live?

Here are just a few:

  1. Proximity to shopping, medical facilities, and eateries

  2. Homes are nestled in a wooded area in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood

  3. No need for a shovel, snowblower or lawnmower

  4. Self-governed community  

  5. Great resale value

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How can I purchase a home in Nature’s Estates?

Homes in Nature’s Estate are occasionally available for sale by homeowners. Check with online real estate sites, your local realtor, and for sale by owner signs by their home.

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